The DKL LifeGuard™ enables rescuers to start searching unstable rubble before it's safe to employ other methods. Searches can be conducted from a distance, and they can cover more ground quickly because the LifeGuard has 500-meter range in open air, and impressive range even through compacted debris and in difficult weather conditions. The DKL LifeGuard detects only living humans, which means quicker, more efficient searches–and more lives saved.

The hand-held DKL LifeGuard is now being used successfully in counter-terrorism, law enforcement, firefighting, mine rescue, port and border control, container searches and search and rescue.

The DKL SilentGuard© is the world’s first and only passive human-specific electronic security system. SilentGuard sensors report intrusions instantly, and can protect entire buildings, selected areas within buildings, storage containers or perimeters.

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