DKL LifeGuards™ Help China’s Rescue Teams

VIENNA, Va., May 27, 2008 - Responding to a request from the Chinese government, a DKL LifeGuard™ team from Taiwan has spent nearly a week helping local rescuers find victims in 17 locations, buried beneath the rubble of the May 12th earthquake. The team from Digital Asia, the Taiwanese supplier of LifeGuards™, scanned collapsed areas for the telltale heartbeats of survivors, reported detections to rescue crews and then moved on to other demolished areas. Unlike other detection equipment, the handheld DKL LifeGuard™ can detect living humans from a distance, so operators can scan unstable buildings and save precious time.

In December, mine safety teams using DKL LifeGuards™ located 17 trapped iron miners after roof collapses in Anhui and Hebei Provinces. All 17 were rescued. In the same month, police apprehended a murder suspect by using the LifeGuard to track him through a sugarcane field of more than 30 hectacres. The DKL LifeGuard™ has been in use in China since 2002, when the Ministry of Public Security introduced it for use in counter-terrorism, law enforcement, fire fighting and port security. It has been used to check cargo containers at the Shekou Container Terminal since 2005, and in October, DKL LifeGuards™ located stowaways aboard a vessel in an anti-terrorist drill at Shanghai’s Yangshan, one of the largest deepwater ports in the world.

About the DKL LifeGuard

The DKL LifeGuard™, made Pennsylvania, is the most advanced human detection equipment in the world. Unlike other systems, it detects only living humans. Patented in the United States and internationally, the LifeGuard is a passive electronic sensor that detects the electric field created by a beating human heart. The LifeGuard™ can locate and track a standing adult from a distance of 500 meters in the open, and at shorter distances through concrete walls, steel bulkheads, brick, earthworks, plastics, heavy foliage, water, and other barriers. Following the September 11 attacks, the LifeGuard detected a survivor at a range of about 80 feet through the dense, highly compacted concrete and steel rubble of New York's World Trade Center.

About DKL International, Inc.

The DKL LifeGuard™ is the original product produced by DKL International, Inc., but the same sensor technology is used in an autonomous version called SilentGuard. DKL SilentGuard can be buried in the ground, hidden in walls and be used in an integrated perimeter system for military, security or medical use. DKL International, Inc. continues to build a worldwide dealer network to supply military, security and fire/rescue organizations. The company also has plans to leverage its technology through partnerships with additional domestic and international dealers and through strategic relationships with major defense and security providers.


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